Talking Numbers: Records, firsts and other “big deals”

It was an exciting year for the College World Series, seeing several records set, matched, or broken.

  • Florida tied a record in the fourth inning of their first faceoff against Miami with 11 runs in a single inning.
  • In that same game, Miami tied a record for most pitchers used in a CWS game–8. LSU would also tie this record in Game 3 and 10.
  • The Vanderbilt/TCU match also saw a record-tying 25 strikeouts between the two teams.
  • Florida beat their own record for longest home run in TD Ameritrade Park. They actually now hold the 4 longest home runs in park history: Peter Alonso with 421 feet in the seventh inning, which eclipsed the leadoff swat by Harrison Bader in the first (414 feet) and the two-run shot by Buddy Reed (412 feet) as well as Preston Tucker’s 407-foot run in 2011.
  • Fans can stop worrying that the loss of Rosenblatt years ago has hurt the Series: The 2015 CWS set a new record for total attendance: 353,378.
  • The winning game saw a record number of assists: 20 by Virginia.
  • TCU’s 10 runs in Game 3 marked the first time in the CWS there have been back-to-back games with double-digit runs (other: Arizona State 12/June 18/Game 10 and LSU 14/June 19/Game 11 in 2009).

It was a time for many firsts for TD Ameritrade Park.

  • Game 9 saw 4 home runs by Florida, the first game in TD Ameritrade history with four homers by one team.
  • In Miami’s game against Arkansas, Jacob Heyward of Miami scored the first home run between the 375 foot markers at TD Ameritrade Park.

It was also a time for many “first-in-a-pretty-long-time” occurences.

  • Both the Vanderbilt/TCU game and the Virginia/Florida game ended at 1-0, making this the first CWS since 1972 with multiple 1-0 games.
  • Vanderbilt freshman Jeren Kendall executed the first walk-off home run win in TD Ameritrade Park, the first since 2009, and only the 16th in CWS history.
  • Vanderbilt celebrated the first ninth-inning comeback win since the opening of TD Ameritrade Park in 2011.
  • Vanderbilt is also the first team since 2007 to win a CWS game with three hits or less.
  • 2015 was the first CWS with four double-digit run games  since 2010 (four).
  • Vanderbilt was the first defending champion to reach the Finals since South Carolina in 2012.
  • This is just the second three-game series to go the distance since the tournament moved to TD Ameritrade Park in 2011.

Virginia, who claimed the CWS title, celebrated its own special list of accomplishments:

  • This was their first NCAA Division I men’s basketball championship win.
  • They were only the third champion to lose the first game of the CWS Finals, and then win the next two games, joining Oregon State (2006) and Fresno State (2008).
  • It was the second Men’s College World Series title for the Atlantic Coast Conference and the first by an ACC school since Wake Forest in 1955.
  • Virginia’s win marks just the third time a No. 3 seed or lower has won a national championship since seeding began in 1988. (Oregon State accomplished the feat in 2007 as a No. 3 seed and Fresno State won the 2008 title as a No. 4 seed.) Virginia was a No. 3 seed in the UCLA Regional this season.

Finally, here are some of the numbers for this year’s CWS:

  • 134 total runs in 16 games
  • 353,378 in attendance
  • Through 15 games there were 253 hits with 62 going for extra bases (15 home runs, 43 doubles, 4 triples).
  • There were 15 home runs in this year’s CWS, which are the most in a CWS since 2010 (32). With Pavin Smith’s two-run shot in CWS Finals Game 3, the total number of home runs at TDAPO is 40.

So, how was your College World Series?