Free, green alternative to fighting CWS traffic jams

If you’ve ever attended the College World Series festivities, you know how much of an absolute nightmare it can be to drive or park anywhere near the stadium.

Midtown Crossing and Heartland B-Cycles are teaming up to offer a solution that’s healthy for you and the environment. Heartland B-cycle, a program of Live Well Omaha, is the first large-scale municipal bike sharing system in the Omaha area and are offering free bicycle rides from Midtown Crossing to the stadium.

Those who are interested can pick up a discount card (with a promo code) at the Delice European Bakery and Cafe at 3201 Farnam St. Then, starting today you can park your car at Midtown Crossing and pick up one of the 11 B-cycles at the B-station at 220 S. 31st Ave., near The Grey Plume, for free. Then, you can bike your way to the TD Ameritrade Park for the CWS, breezing past all the backed up traffic trying to park nearby.

Three B-station locations are especially close to TD Ameritrade Park Omaha: 10th and Cass St., 14th and Mike Fahey St. and 1516 Cuming St. Additional station locations in the area include: Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, Lewis and Clark Landing, 11th and Jackson St. and 1819 Farnam St.

This deal also includes a Fun! Pass which is valid for 24 hours of biking. Just rent a bike, and as long as it’s under an hour between b-cycle stations, it’s no cost to you. If you want to take longer between legs on your journey, it’s only a small fee.

A list of all B-cycle stations in Omaha is available at their website. B-cycle stations are open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. and  b-cycles can be returned to any station at the end of each ride.

Midtown Crossing is just off 33rd, Farnam, and Harney Streets and includes two parking garages that offer 3 hours of free parking. Parking is $1 per hour after the first three hours.